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The mission of Joyously Sweet is to create your specialty dessert needs. Designed, baked, and decorated joyously for you!

Our Mission

 I’ve been baking with my mom as early as I can remember. It always has brought me joy (no pun intended). I never dreamed that I could bake for a living! Call it a mid-life crisis, but in 2018 I started looking into how a mother of 5 and a full-time employee could possibly go back to school! I figured it out! For a little over a year, my family and I had a whole lot of desserts after dinner as I baked for school! Because of Covid, I graduated in June of 2020, all on-line, but still so gratifying! I slowly started taking orders from friends and family until I built my business Facebook page. It totally exploded in December of 2020 with Cocoa Bombs! So, in May of 2021 we grew by starting to sell at Findlay Market! We are going strong and can’t wait to see what the future looks like for Joyously Sweet!

Our Story

Meet the Owner and Founder

Joy is a mom of 5, a former childcare director and extremely involved in her community. She is constantly volunteering at her children's school and always has a delicious treat for the teachers and staff to show how much they are appreciated.
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